The Aslanian Law Firm can assist you with any personal injury matter whether large or small.  We assist clients dealing

    with auto accidents, catastrophic injuries (including industrial accidents), traumatic brain injuries, dog bites, slip and falls and many other

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    With years of experience handing business litigation matters, developing and negotiation complex contractual agreements

    , as well assist businesses get started properly The Aslanian Law Firm can help business of all sizes with their business needs

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    If you are involved in a dispute arising from a trust or will, The Aslanian Law Firm can help you

    seek justice. If you are not receiving money or property that is rightfully yours we will fight to get what is rightfully yours

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    The Aslanian Law Firm can assist you with any type of workplace and industrial accident, or wrongful termination following

    a workplace injury. Whether it is a physical, emotional or psychological injury, our firm can help fight to recover for

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When You Need Trustworthy Legal Service

Our Los Angeles Trust Attorney Is Ready to Help

Photo of Two Men Drafting a Trust AgreementDedicated to providing competent, efficient and aggressive representation, The Aslanian Law Firm, PC is a full-service office for your legal needs. With years of litigation experience we can provide a high level of service for clients facing a multitude of legal difficulties. Our office handles trust litigation, breaches of fiduciary duty, personal injury matters and much more.

Founded on the principles of providing the same aggressive representation used by the insurance industry, Greg Aslanian is ready for your case. Before founding the firm, Greg worked at a prominent national litigation firm that was known for representing some of the largest insurance carriers in the nation. He now uses that experience to help individuals who need help recovering damages.

Experienced Pasadena Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

If you suffered a workplace injury or illness, then you may require medical care and compensation to help pay for lost wages. Workers’ compensation benefits can help provide essential medical care and funding for lost wages while you recover. Unfortunately, recovering workers’ compensation is not always an easy process.

Errors during the injury reporting or initial claims process may result in a denial of benefits. Additionally, your employer’s workers’ compensation carrier may believe that your injury or illness does not qualify for benefits. That is where we come in. Pasadena workers’ compensation lawyer Greg Aslanian can help injured workers or their families appeal denied benefits.

We Help Injured Workers in Los Angeles County

If you or a family member has questions about filing a workers’ compensation claim or appealing an existing claim, then we encourage you to contact The Aslanian Law Firm, PC for a free consultation. During the consultation, we can explain your legal rights and potential options. Greg Aslanian can also represent you during a workers’ compensation hearing, or if necessary, a trial.

In addition to assisting with workers’ compensation claims, Greg Aslanian can help you determine if it would be possible to file a third-party work injury claim. These are claims against entities who are not your employer.

Why Use a Los Angeles Trust Attorney From The Aslanian Law Firm, PC?

Many individuals choose to protect their assets by setting up a revocable or irrevocable trust. Doing so affords their families a certain level of protection from the California probate process, and it prevents conflicts that could sever familial bonds. However, the process of creating a trust can be complex, and mistakes during this process could lead to litigation. When this happens, our Los Angeles trust attorney is here to help.

When it comes to California trust issues, the process for protecting your financial well-being can be complex. Thankfully, Greg Aslanian has years of experience handling complicated legal matters. Utilizing these skills, he has successfully represented individuals and families throughout the Los Angeles area.

Our firm also offers personalized service aimed at specifically addressing the legal problems you are facing. If a trust amendment is cutting you out, we can help you contest the change. Suspect that a trustee has committed a breach in your trust case? We can help you navigate California trust law and find a remedy for your damages.

How Will The Aslanian Law Firm, PC Handle My Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Having formerly defended insurance companies means that we are familiar with the strategies they use. If you were injured in a car accident and the insurance company is offering you a low settlement or denying your claim, our experience may help. Knowing how insurance companies and adjusters think can give you an advantage in court and could result in securing a more favorable outcome.

At The Aslanian Law Firm, PC, we want your case to receive all the attention it deserves. Whether you need a Los Angeles trust attorney or a Southern California personal injury lawyer, you can trust in our professionalism. If you have any questions, call (626) 696-2001 today to schedule a consultation.